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Pawprints on the Heart™ cards are created for animal lovers who understand the emotional bond between pets and their people.

Conceived as a fundraising project for the Phoenix Animal Care Coalition, (, Pawprints on the Heart™ cards were an immediate success. The concept and niche that these cards fill is appreciated by those who consider pets part of the family. And so, Pawprints on the Heart Cards will be an ongoing project... keeping the cards forever available with new designs and heartfelt sentiments.

Most of the animals featured on Pawprints cards have been rescued from abandonment, cruelty situations, or the euthanasia list at the county pound. Each of these animals is amongst the lucky ones, given a second chance at life. will continue to benefit from Pawprints on the Heart cards with a stream of income, thus allowing them to save animals in need. Every card you purchase helps to save a precious life.

Welcome to Pawprints on the Heart™, a division of PACC911.
PACC911 is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.